Anti-arthritic, antirheumatic, antiarthrosic,

cartilage regenerative in shock treatment.

Cartilage problems cause pains that attempt against the performance of sport equine.

ACS LTF Acid Chondroitin Sulphate 16% is a habitual and well known product in the race courses of  San Isidro, Palermo and La Plata where thoroughbred horses are given the product to relieve the pain and reach their maximum performance.

Other sport equine such as trotters, polo and jump horses keep their legs in good condition thanks to ACS LTF 16%

Excellent results have been obtained when using ACS LTF chondroitin sulphate 16% injectable to treat dogs and other big animals with cartilage problems.

The injectable formulaallows the beginning of treatments with a quick effect which can go on in the same way or with ACS LTF oral.


Chondroitin Sulphate

Sodium sault dihidrate 16g

Thimerosal 0.003g

Water for sterile injectable


Therapeutic Action

Arthitis, arthosis, coxarthrosis, hip dysplasia, osteoarthrosis, chondro pathology, fracture postoperative, osteochondrisis, chondroprotector, hydrarthrosis, capsulitis, synovitis, spondylosis, spondyloarthrosis , ptosis of the ears, tendinous repairs, joints postoperative,  tendinitis.



This product is innocuous so it is recommended to administer each dose at intervals from 1 to 4 days according to the seriousness of the injury and medical criterion

Dogs and cats: intramuscular and subcutaneous via
Up to 10 kg PV........................1cc
From 10 kg to 30 kg PV..........2cc
More than 30 kg PV.................2,5cc

Horses: intramuscular via
Every 100KPV............1cc

Administer at intervals from 1 to 4 days but a total of 10 applications
The vet will decide the length of the treatment but we suggest 10 applications as an average
Since there is a wide safety margin of the active principle and its excipients, the dose and the length of the treatment will be decided by the veterinarian.



Collateral effects: none
Store the product at controlled room temperature between 5ºC and 35ºC away fron direct sunlight.




Secondary effects: none.



Ampoule-bottle 5cc x 5, 25cc.